• Best Lake Toys For Kids

    Many of the water toys listed on our article, best water toys for kids can be easily brought to your lake vacation as lake toys for kids.

    As for us, we usually like quiet lake holidays where the kids can just frolick around and have some fun. For this reason, the lakes that we often go to are ones which do not have a lot of onsite entertainment. We always take our own toys with us for the kids to enjoy.

    Surprising as this may be, the old bucket and spades are still good things to have at the lake, especially for the little ones. They can usually just play by themselves whenever they have these with them.

    Here are other lake toys for kids that they will also enjoy

    Ride ons

    any kind of wate ride ons that you use in the pool can be great at the lake too. Many parents seem to like the whale ride-on although inflatable ride on toys do come in many different forms, sizes and shapes.

    Gun squirters

    water squirt gunsWe don’t have gun toys at home at all, but for some weird reason, it becomes an acceptable toy in the pool or at the lake. If you’re not comfortable with these gun squirters at all, there are other toys that do exactly the same thing but are not in the form of a gun. You can also buy some spray especially for the little ones — any reason to get wet and to make somebody wet is always very well received in the lake.

    Bubble Machine

    You think this is only good for garden stimulation, the toddlers will still be into bubbles even at the lake, and if you’ve got a bubble machine with you that does all the job (instead of you doing all the blowing all the time), then so much the better.

    Beach ball

    Every family needs to have one be it just for catching it, for water volleyball or just for the baby to have something to do.

    Water Balloon

    Little ones will enjoy playing with them while the older kids can toss it around. You can even make it a family event, like the parlor game where you toss an egg, instead this time, you toss the water balloon instead.

    The Watermat

    There’s a watermat in the indoor pool in our town and the children have a lot of fun on it. Taking this same watermat in the lake is going to be a hoot for everybody as well. Kids of all ages can get on it and the adults can have fun themselves as well if they want.

    Inflatable Towables

    Many water towables are made for older kids and adults. However, there are some of these inflatable toys that children can have a go on. When they do, always make sure that they come with an adult or that the boat that tows them goes as slow as possible.  If you want to do this the next time you go to the lake, have a look at the Sportsstuff Big Bertha Towable Tube.

    Fishing Net

    Last summer, our child used one of those butterfly nets you see in many stores. He didn’t catch any fish, but he had boatloads of giggles, laughter and fun.

    Stand Up Paddle Board

    Great for much older kids, these paddle boards need some skill and that’s skill that the kids will surely master before your holiday ends.

    Pedal boats

    Loved this when I was a little girl. My children have never tried it for some reason, but I’m sure they’ll love it as much as I did.

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