• Are Inflatable Kayaks Any Good?

    inflatable kayak any good?Two years ago, our family was set for a holiday at the beach which was also near a river. It was the perfect place to try and learn how to kayak. We had never own a kayak before. I didn’t want to spend so much money but I also didn’t want to get a flimsy kayak.  I kept thinking about buying inflatable kayaks but I kept wondering, “are inflatable kayaks any good at all?”.

    Should I Buy An Inflatable Kayak or A Hardshell Kayak?

    This was the very first question I had. Whenever I think of kayaking, I only think of the hardshell kind of kayak. An inflatable kayak looks a lot like a toy than a “proper” person’s adventure sports equipment (Ok. I’m not exactly the adventure-sports kinda person but I also didn’t want to look like an idiot in the water!).

    As it turns out, all my preconceptions were wrong. The inflatable kayaks they have nowadays bear no resemblance to the inflatable toys we have at the swimming pool. These inflatable kayaks are made of rigid material that can easily withstand any impact. In fact, some of them are so strong that they can last longer than the cheap, usually plastic, hardshell kayaks.

    When I read about this from many forums and sites, I started looking at inflatable kayaks with a little bit more respect. I still really wanted a hard-shell one but the more I read about the two, the more I realized that what we needed to buy was an inflatable one.

    Here are the reasons why:

    1. None of us have ever been on a kayak before, making us beginners. And as beginners, considering how almost alike these two kinds of kayaks are, we wouldn’t really notice the subtle difference.
    2. Inflatable kayaks are so much easier to transport and are lighter too. Sure having a kayak on top of your car is quite cool, but is it really practical to carry so much weight with the children in tow as well?
    3. We will most likely be using this kayak as an entertainment device (dare I say, toy) on the beach or on tamer waters, so having a hardshell kayak is not all that important (note: this doesn’t mean inflatable ones can’t handle rapid waters, they do – I just didn’t think it’s something we would be doing in the near future)
    4. We have a rather small garage and I could not think of any place we would be storing a hard-shell kayak once we get back from the holiday.
    5. And one really important thing: With an inflatable kayak, it is not necessary to do those eskimo rolls that I have come to associate kayaks with. You could just easily get out of the kayak if you have to, and then get right back in. That for me, sounds much better, than rolling underwater.

    So based on these things, we finally decided to buy an inflatable Sevylor kayak. I was a little bit nervous about it all. I knew I did some very good research but I just wasn’t sure how it would really perform in the water.

    How Our Inflatable Kayak Performed

    I was surprised how quickly it took to blow-up the kayak. Putting it away takes a bit more time for us (plus nobody really wants to do it!).

    As I’ve said I’ve never been on a hard-shell kayak before, but this one feels pretty strong. I felt very secure while I was paddling the kayak.

    Surprisingly, I also enjoyed kayaking a lot and it’s something that I’m doing a lot more now.

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